• Unique and Innovative
  • Superior Quality
  • Imported from Europe
  • Remarkable Prices
Welcome to the website of IQP Flooring!
We specialise in laminate flooring of superior quality, imported from top suppliers in Europe. This direct supply chain enables us to offer our flooring at remarkable prices and we pride ourselves to be a supplier of unique and innovative products and we can confidently boast the best prices for the quality we offer.
Laminate flooring has been a rapidly growing market due to the product’s popularity, which is fully deserved:
Laminate flooring is durable, hygienic, wear-resistant, and virtually indistinguishable from real wooden floors, but without the maintenance or expense!

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What is Laminate Wooden Flooring?


Laminate Flooring consists of individual floor planks with the appearance of real wood but with more durability and less expense. The individual plank consists predominantly of a compressed high-density fibreboard made up of... READ MORE

Maintenance and Care


Sweep the floor with a soft broom, a vacuum cleaner can also be used. Best results are achieved using a microfibre mop as it removes dust easily. Laminate Flooring cleaner is also recommended... READ MORE